Andreas Duero Professional Bass Player


Online Bass Tracks and Online Lessons

International Bass Track Recordings for your Music online

I offer bass tracks for your Song or your Album with my Logic Pro X Program.

There are no limits in terms of musical styles, sound styles and bass styles. I offer both vintage sounds and modern sounds. I have Fender Jazz- and Precision basses, fretless basses and modern 5 string basses with Flatwound or Roundwound Strings and an upright bass. Take a look on My Gear.

I have many years studio experience in many different musical and bass styles. I am the house bass player of the HOFA Studios in Germany.

Online Lessons

Online Lessons for electric bass, jazz upright bass, harmonie and improvisation for all Instruments!

I give international online lessons over Skype, Facetime or any other software you prefer. Please contact me by my email address for further details.


"With Andreas Düro, right at the beginning of my career, I received the best, structured and comprehensive electric bass lessons one could wish for. I owe him deep insights into technique, sound, harmony, various styles and last but not least a detailed method on all topics of the instrument, from which I benefit daily."

Dominik Krämer
Session musician / bass player at „Sing my Song" & „The Voice Of Germany"